Surface Coatings

TeknoMa Technological Materials applies the functional thin film surface coatings required by the industry and the end user to various substrata.

Thin Film Applications

* Optically transparent electrically conductive thin films
* Light-transmissive, nonreflective (AR) optical films
* Single or multilayer magnetic coatings
* Coatings for corrosion protection or decorative purposes
* Ultra hard coatings to increase the strength of tool steel
* Metallic coatings on polymers for food packaging
* Antibacterial coatings
* Electrochromic and thermochromic coatings

Methods Used

a. DC and RF Magnetron Sputtering
b. (Magnetron Sputtering)
c. Ion Beam Deposition
d. Thermal Evaporation

Substrates Used

a. Pine
b. Metal
c. Plastic (polymer)
d. Ceramic

Coating Materials

1. ITO
2. TiN
3. Al
4. Au
5. Al
6. Cr
7. Ag
8. Ni
9. Fe
10. Ta
11. TiO2
12. Ta2O5
13. Co