Vacuum Systems

Vacuum Evaporator VE-1001
Thin Film Coating, Metallization Unit

Lightweight, portable, simple design and desktop vacuum system where thin films can be coated quickly

10-6 Torrs for 45 min. Turbomolecular pump and oil-backed pump

Full scale vacuum gauge at 10-7 torr

Aluminum, Gold, Silver, and so on. Thin films can be easily coated

Powered up to 200 Amps with power supply

The shatter can be advantageous in terms of being clean,

Two microscope glasses can be placed in the height easily changeable adjustable sample holder

Surveillance window where the evaporation can be followed instantly when the coating is done

Watch window glass easily changeable square glass guard to prevent contamination of glass

Possibility to use filament, basket, box heater or pot as thermal source

Modular Thermal Evaporator and Magnetostatic Vacuum Circles

The modular coating system which can be used on both sides consists of thermal evaporator and dc magnetic sputtering circles. Its modular structure and ease of use combine two different coating techniques in one system.

The thermal evaporation technique is usually ideal for basic thin film coatings, which are used in different applications. The vaporizing agent is placed in a conductive vessel or alternatively placed in a crucible held in a resistive coil. The boat or coil is heated by passing a high electric current.

When the temperature of the system rises, the material on the boat begins to evaporate. The temperature of the material and therefore the rate of evaporation is controlled by the amount of current applied. A significant advantage of thermal evaporation is that gas delivery is not required, so the process can be carried out under very high vacuum conditions and the deposited films are of high purity. Magnet sputtering is one of the most common ways of producing thin films in high vacuum for commercial and scientific purposes. Argon gas sent to the system in high vacuum is ionized and Ar + ions sputter the target material to form a thin film layer on the used substrate. With this method thin films can be coated on different substratum in desired thickness with controlled coating.

The designed thermal evaporator and magnetic sputtering vacuum chambers are equipped with mechanical and turbo molecular pump stations, vacuum indicators, DC / RF power supply, electronic components, water and air manifolds, Can be integrated. Systems can be operated manually or by computer control. The system can be pumped up to 10-6 torr pressures in accordance with both coating methods. Vacuum tests were done.

Electrical feed through

Feedthroughs with a wide range of applications allow high voltage and / or high current to be transferred to a chamber.
Feedthrough designs can vary considerably depending on technical specifications and requirements. The maximum transferable voltage is 100 Kv, and the maximum current is 800 amperes.

Depending on demand, up to 1000 durable cooling systems can be provided. Liquid-cooled feedthroughs are typically used with grounded indoor cooling systems and non-conductive coolers such as deionized water or ethylene glycol.

Thermal Evaporation System

 Thermal evaporation is used in a variety of research areas and production technologies that require thin film magnification.

   For this process, in the thermal evaporation system in which designs and productions are performed, the vacuum value drops to 10-6 Torr. Thus, thermal evaporation is performed at high vacuum. In this system, there are three separate pots.

This allows layer-layer thermal evaporation without destroying the vacuum environment and evaporation of three different materials at the same time.

Indium tin oxide, indium tin oxide coated TANK glass

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) is an electrically conductive and optically transparent thin film coating.

They are used in solar cells, electrochromic glasses, LCD screens, OLED displays and thermal barriers.

ITO coatings have a low resistivity of less than 1.3×10-4 and the light transmittance in the visible region is 85% higher. It can be coated on glass at the desired thickness.

Currently 2.0 mm float glass is used as standard. ITO coatings made on float glass as a standard can optionally be coated with different materials.

Triple Gun Magnetron Sputtering

This project was produced by TEKNOMA company for Ataturk University, Nano Eng. department in 2016 and necessary tests were made.

The system has 4 different input lines and a sputter gun that operates in 3 free conditions which can alternatively work at the same time.

vacuum State:                    1.0*(10-6) torr
Gus :                                               3
Dimensions (Cm):                 D=20, H=45
Hight :                                         150 Cm
Material used:                  Stainless Steel

Magnetron Sputtering Gun

The Gun Designed for 2 inch Targets and Works by DC or RF Thin Film Deposition Suppliers.

2500 USD +VAT

Additional options:

  1. Shutter:
    (+150 USD +VAT)
  2. Magnetic Targets coating provider:
    (+140 USD +VAT)
  3. Stable Angel Tilted Gun :(+110 USD +VAT)
  4. Adjustable Angel Tilted Gun:
    (+350 USD +VAT)
Magnetron Sputtering Power Supply
Inverted Magnetron Sputtering Source
Magnetron Sputtering System